Case Study


Scott Phillips Trading

SPT is an online Crypto Trading course, owned and run by Scott Phillips. They provide elite educational seminars and expertise in the Cryptocurrency market.

Below you'll find details about how ROI Marketplace took Scott Phillips Trading to the next level. Our expertise within the world of Native Marketing has resulted in some incredible aftermaths. We encourage you to read more about it below!

ROI Marketplace Services Provided

Audience Development

New Lead Generation

New Customer Acquisition

Landing Page Development

Ad Creative Development


Scott Phillips wanted to implement new ways to attract clients, outside of YouTube.

These users would need to sign up for his Crypto trading program and subscribe to his podcast.

We needed to attract an audience, who was both interested in Crypto and needed help understanding market trends and trading signals.

Also, we were charged with driving leads, which consisted of a user signing up for his weekly seminar.

What We Did

Wrote original copies that not only engage the reader, but attract interest to new comers about the topic.

Developed multiple landing page variations specific to their native advertising funnel.

Put together attractive ad creatives, which used never before seen winning headlines and images.

Finally, launched on specific financial platforms with a heavy focus on Crypto related websites in order to improve targeting overall.

Our Results

120,000 New Interested Users

Directed towards their website.

A Total of 196 New Clients...

For over $96,000 in new revenue!

Lead Gen Campaign - Delivered 4,056 Leads

Delivered 4,056 Leads

Generated over $117,600 in revenue!