How to Win the Conversion With Native Advertising: Content Vs Context

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By Jack Woods

You’ve probably heard that “content is king”. And here at ROI Marketplace, we’ve seen this to be true more than ever in the last 12 months. Bid prices are ever-increasing, and you need to be more aggressive with your spend on the front end to get customers into your funnel. But the increase in costs on Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, and other platforms means that you need a higher conversion rate to maintain the same profitability as before.

This is why we believe that content is more important than ever, and even more important than your bids. There is no reason why you couldn’t throw an outrageous budget at your campaigns today, with an average landing page, and make some money. But to remain profitable, you must ensure that your content is set to convince and convert. Missing this point is one of the core factors between making money, and printing money.

Hopefully you should know about the importance of your advertorials and landing pages by now… but here is the million dollar question. What is more important…

The content of your landing page, or the context?

Let me explain…

You could write the most incredible story of childhood discovery. A journey from adolescence to adulthood and how a single survivalist eBook helped our protagonist learn what it means to be a man, grow into their own, and change their future forever. This advertorial could be an epic masterpiece for the silver screen and directed by no one short of James Cameron…

But if it doesn’t provide a story with the right CONTEXT and guide your customer towards a buying decision, then the content is worth nothing more than the entertainment value it provides (and the ridiculous budget that you pay for someone to read it!)

Similarly, if you write a pre-sale page with extreme precision, contextually, it explains everything that your audience needs to know about your Crypto AI bot program and how the customer can use it in their day to day life to replace their 401(k)… but the content is shoddy. Spelling mistakes, poor grammar, and zero calls to action. The context can be correct for the right audience, but the conversions won’t follow as no one knows HOW to go ahead and hand over their credit cards.

So we need to start focusing on highly contextual content with a position for conversion.

We need to know our customer avatar better than they know themselves. Get a deep understanding of the terminology that drives conversion, and speak to this audience in a convincing and conversion-focused manner.

The context could be speaking to someone who’s pension is being eaten alive by inflation. This resonates with them highly as it’s a common pain point and fear for most Americans in 2022. The fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the economy has penetrated society in the past few months.

The content could be a guiding story of not just the pain someone experienced, but the journey they took to find the solution to their ever-decreasing retirement fund and how they EXPLODED their monthly take home at 65 after using a tool. Followed by clear instructions on how to get started.

This combination of content and context is everything that you need to communicate the BENEFITS of your offer to your customer in their own language. Completely centered on the skyrocketing EPC we’re all looking for.

I have a quick question for you…

When you last wrote a presale page – did you think about the circumstances that your customer is facing TODAY? Or did you just think about a fancy way of communicating your product?

And on the other side of the coin, have you written content recently that focuses on emphasizing the pain point of your customers, but at the end of the piece, did you provide a clear plan and structure around how to overcome their adversity with your solution?

If you answered yes to either of these questions – here is your action point for today. Click on the button below and schedule a call with our Copywriting division. Let our team work with you to craft some exceptional content that truly resonates with your audience. We have experience working in all verticals and helping to drive sales through truly unique, convincing and emotionally compelling copywriting.

We’ve seen the results where investing a couple hundred, or a few thousand dollars into the right landing pages can be the impact you need to scale your offers but hundreds of thousands of dollars, paying dividends each and every day.

Special offer for all existing ROI Marketplace customers: To sweeten the deal, we also have an offer running until the end of August 2022. You can make a saving of $250 when you purchase a split-testing content package of two advertorials, to help to drive home the sales in the right way. Simply click the button above, lock in your call with our team and watch the changes in your business take place.



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