The Robotic Writer Killing Native Ads: How to PROPERLY Use AI in Your Advertorial Campaigns…

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Written By Jack Woods | 4/16/24

Any experienced native media buyer will know that writing compelling advertorials that educate and inspire audiences is both an essential art and a science for conversion.

And while tools like ChatGPT or have made significant strides in multiple areas of digital marketing… Their creative output can often feel robotic and lackluster without the spark of human creativity necessary to truly captivate readers.

However, if you can leverage AI as an assistant rather than a replacement for human ingenuity, you can unlock new frontiers of creative advertorial storytelling.

Is There a Place for AI in Advertorial Writing?

As AI language models continue to evolve, their capabilities in areas like grammar, tone (i.e. proofreading), and factual accuracy (i.e. fact checking) have improved dramatically. However, AI still struggles with higher-order cognitive tasks like generating truly original ideas, understanding nuanced context, and crafting narratives that resonate on an emotional level.

That paragraph alone should be enough to evolve your AI copywriting skills. Rather than using ChatGPT as a standalone writer, implementing the chatbot as a “creative co-pilot” to make your skills better is the key. By combining AI’s speed of research, how much you can do in less time, and data processing prowess with your very own ingenuity and emotional intelligence is a recipe for increased EPVs.

5 Tips to Help Upgrade Your Advertorials Using AI...

1. Ideation and Concept Generation

Copywriting is 80% research and 20% writing. Use ChatGPT’s (or your tool of choice – mine is personally) ability to analyze your research to summarize information. Giving you all the same information in a much easier format.

From this, your time-to-write will decrease with the same level of accuracy and research.

If you could feed ChatGPT all the base information and research about your product/service, target audience, and campaign goals, and let it suggest unique creative directions to explore – then you’ll have a much better direction to take before you put pen to paper. .

2. In-Depth Research and Insight Mining

If you’ve done your research already… then let your AI do the analysis. If you haven’t done any research yet, let your AI do it for you (AND the analysis).

These conversational AIs are becoming really good at sourcing their information too. We always want to have our sources set and prepared, so make sure to ask for the sources in your prompts.

3. Multimedia Content Enhancement

As our CEO and resident native ads genius, generous human being and should-be-leader of the world, Joe Burton always says (and yes, he does pay my salary) – the image gets the click and the headline gets the conversion.

Pairing great written content with the complimentary image that makes the difference is more valuable than you might realize.

Your words have the power to educate while your images can create resonance between the reader and the story. So using tools like DALL-E to create the images you need based on text prompts can add a bit of spice onto your advertorial.

4. Customized Audience Targeting

Train AI on data about specific customer segments to deliver hyper-personalized advertorial experiences tailored to their unique needs, interests, and demographics. This level of customization and relevance can significantly boost engagement and conversion rates.

How? Well… when you market to everyone, you market to nobody. So, make sure that any content suggestions are made for the right audience by TELLING ChatGPT who the right audience is.

Never just say “Write me an advertorial on this solar offer” – first train the GPT to know who the customer is. Their gender, age, economic background, political persuasions, etc.

The result will ALWAYS be better this way.

5. Continuous Optimization

AI can help you maximize the impact of your advertorials by continuously analyzing performance data and audience feedback, then suggesting ways to iteratively refine and improve the content for better results.

Whenever you’re writing a new piece for the same offer, make sure to keep it in the same chat. Stay away from constantly creating new threads. These conversational AIs need to be trained… so with each iteration, use the previous data to improve it.

If you start a new chat, you’re starting from scratch every time, so use the content you’ve done in the past to make your future work better.

Best Practices and Ethical Considerations...

While AI can be a powerful force multiplier for creativity, it’s got to be used responsibly.

AI should never be blindly trusted to produce finalized copy, as it can sometimes generate biased, inaccurate, or nonsensical content without human oversight (this is called a hallucination – fun fact!).

It’s also important to enforce strict guardrails around ethical standards, copyright protections, and factual integrity when using AI tools. Continuously monitoring AI outputs for potential issues is a surefire way to prevent a lawsuit 😉

Finally, brands should resist the temptation of using AI as a cost-cutting measure for fully automating the creative process. The most impactful and memorable advertorial campaigns will always require human ingenuity, contextual understanding, and emotional authenticity that AI alone cannot replicate.

Right now in 2024, AI will never beat a trained and experienced copywriter – so don’t be afraid to put your money where your mouth is and INVEST in your marketing funnel.

The Future Harmonizes Human and Machine...

As AI language capabilities continue advancing, so too will opportunities to harmonize machine intelligence with human creativity in advertorial content creation.

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest AI developments, means you can stay ahead of the curve. And when AI is ready to beat out human copywriters, you’re primed to go.

Until then – use AI to optimize your creative process… not to replace it.

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