ROI Marketplace And Native Advertising Gurus Join Forces With Xevio & Native Hub

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Written By Jack Woods | 6/6/24

We have some extremely exciting news to announce! ROI Marketplace and the Native Advertising Gurus Facebook group have partnered with Nadim Kuttab and Andrey Kravchenko from Xevio; combining our knowledge of hundreds of millions of dollars spent on Taboola, Outbrain, MediaGo, RevContent, MGID and more!

This collaboration brings together an unparalleled level of expertise and experience in the native advertising industry, giving you, our community, your best opportunity to learn from the elite and take your campaigns to new heights.

The Native Advertising Gurus Facebook group will continue to operate as a community hub. Paired with our partnership – we’re going to take things to the next level by introducing a comprehensive education tier and live support sessions…

Nadim Kuttab and Andrey Kravchenko from Xevio will be leading the way in the new Native Hub community, with our team here at ROI Marketplace providing additional support and contributions to you all.

By joining Native Hub today, you’ll get unfettered access to an extensive library of media buying training, spanning over 25 hours of content, as well as weekly consulting calls tailored for both EU and US time zones and hosted by native media buyers with over 9 figures spend of experience.

But wait...

There’s more! Members can participate in workshops with native traffic sources and benefit from numerous discounts on media buying services. Think of Native Hub as a Fiverr meets American Express, but designed specifically for native advertisers.

So what’s the cost?

Well, we might be the Native Advertising Gurus… but there’s no hidden prices here. You can join Native Hub for only $99/month.

To support the launch of such a killer tool – you can get an exclusive and lifetime 10% discount. To get that discount, simply sign up using any of the links on this blog post, or use the coupon code: NATIVEADVERTISINGGURUS.

By joining forces, ROI Marketplace, Native Advertising Gurus, and Xevio are creating a one-stop-shop for native advertising education, support, and community. The combined ad spend and experience of our companies are unmatched in this industry, making this partnership the most valuable resource for marketers looking to optimize their campaigns and maximize their returns.

To access the exclusive content, weekly workshops, and discounts, simply join Native Hub here. As a member, you’ll be part of the most elite community of native advertisers in the world, with weekly training sessions and live support to help you stay ahead of the curve.



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