Front end conversions are great… but the fortune’s in the follow up

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As native ads marketers, we all know the joy that we get from front end conversions. Even those that come from retargeting ads – increasing our conversions on the front end is something we all love. 

That endorphine hit is great and gives us the motivation and resources to push campaigns further.

But the fact is… not everyone is going to convert immediately. 

  • You might be reaching someone two weeks before pay day and they cannot afford your product. 
  • They might be busy with the kids making dinner, and they don’t have time to reach for their credit card. 
  • Their pain point might not be agitated enough to convert right now… but two weeks later could be the sweetspot

You never know the circumstances of your buyers until it’s too late. And we need to be prepared to capture a sale both now AND in the future.

But, if you can provide the chance for someone to throw an email address in a signup form before they leave… you’ve got them in the sales funnel.

The power of email

It takes, on average, seven touch points to convert a sale. It’s why we see the same ads run on our TVs for months on end. Eventually, Coke is going to get you…. you’re going to buy those new Nikes, or you’ll somehow find yourself in a McDonald’s drive-thru wondering “how did I get here”.

If your offers only have two touch points… advert 1 and retargeting advert 1… then you’re not providing the optimum opportunity for conversion. 

This is where email comes into play. 

A study run by Constant Contact in January 2022 found that every $1 invested in email marketing will provide an average return of $36

A HUGE ROI on the backend.

And the absolute best part – you can retarget your audience with new offers. Again, and again, and again. Your email list is an asset that you can use however you want. Other than email ESP and copywriter expenses, there’s no cost to it either. 

You don’t need to pay for your email to be viewed in an inbox. There’s no cost-per-link-click when someone opens your emails, and there are no networks with high compliance rules in place limiting your language.

Yes, aggressive language can make you fall into a spam/promo folder – but if you can work around this with a great copywriter, you’re onto a winner

You have every ability to target your audience based on their position in the customer journey and change your language to improve this. 

If your customer has previously bought into a diet plan book for $37 – you can then retarget them and put them into a funnel for a new diet supplement on a monthly subscription. Instantly increasing your monthly recurring revenue and ROI. 

Next steps 

Note: Introducing a signup form into your funnel could impact conversions – so make sure to split test your funnels when following these next steps

The next step for converting these backend sales is… well, adding email marketing to your funnel. 

Start to introduce an email opt-in before a VSL, TSL page, or offer page. Create an abandoned cart funnel for those who start to checkout but don’t complete it. 

You need to create opportunities to grab people’s information for retargeting. 

Once you’ve implemented this, you need to create automated email flows. Sequences of 5, 10, 15, 20, or even more emails that will target people 3-5 times per week and encourage the sale. 

Creating this bulk of emails to send out can take time – but the number 1 piece of advice to give here is DO NOT USE EMAIL SWIPES from affiliate offers. You’re much better off working with a dedicated copywriter who can create personalized emails that no one, but you is using. 

Email SWIPES are being sent out by hundreds of marketers every day, so their potency is decreased massively. If you’ve paid to have someone added to your list, and they receive the same email from 4,5,6, or 20 different people… it’s not going to convert. 

Create your own email sequences focused on the customer pain points and how you can bring value to their lives. 

If you do not have time to write your own, it’s extremely cost-effective to hire email copywriters to write on your behalf. 

You buy an email from a copywriter once, and you can send it out thousands of times at no extra cost. 

Once you get these high converting email sequences in place, you can drive traffic to bring more and more email addresses onto your list, retarget the hell out of them and watch the fortune roll in. 

This gives you every power to then increase your ad spend to drive more front-end sales and build your list into an epic behemoth of money-making power. 

Remember the fortune is in the follow-up

How can ROI Marketplace help with your email marketing?

Our copywriting division is equipped with a whole team of experienced eCommerce and direct response email marketers. 

Whether you’re selling high ticket $2,000+ services, or $35 gadgets, our team has a wealth of experience writing high converting email copy to drive backend conversions. 

From copywriters creating million dollar indoctrination sequences for coaching programs to eCommerce copywriters increasing revenue by 20-35% consistently on the backend. Our team has been there, done that, and has the track record to prove it. 

If you’re looking to get your backend copy sorted, all you need to do is click here and complete our contact form, and our team will reach out to you to put a plan together. Or, email and get in touch with the team directly!

We’re here to help and get some big wins for 2022.



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