Fail 95% of the time and still succeed: Why you need native ads in your marketing funnel

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Native marketing is a different beast to almost every other marketing channel online. It provides an unmatched and almost unlimited reach potential that no other area of media buying can come close to. 

There are billions of impressions available for each of your ads each day, each offering conversion opportunities at a fraction of the CPC that platforms like Google and Facebook can offer. 

But the real power in Native advertising comes when you look beyond your day 1 conversions. 

With the incredibly affordable clicks on offer, Native advertising has the power to increase the performance of all of your marketing campaigns, whether this be:

Facebook retargetting campaigns

Email marketing

Push campaigns 

Social media marketing

Audience building

At ROI Marketplace, we see a general uplift in performance by driving a wide birth of data into our analytics and creating strong brand awareness. Allowing us to create highly targeted and profitable campaigns, all based off that initial click. 

Every time we have a consumer click one of our ads, we’re collecting data which can be used to strengthen your campaigns across the internet. 

Why do native ads work so well?

Native marketing is a direct connection between a brand and a consumer where they can tell their story.

It’s a window into your world allowing you to tell a story of a product. Where Facebook advertising will often sell a product or service, Native advertising allows you to sell an experience or benefit to a consumers life in a way that resonates and connects. 

By collecting enough data and discovering the right way to connect with your consumer, you can get near infinite scale to your campaigns. Communicating an offer that is a benefit to someone’s life will help you to raise such great awareness of your brand, that even if you do not capture a conversion on day 1, your conversions could happen 20, 30, 60, or even 90 days down the line. 

You put your product out there to a consumer in the way that you want them to see it. 

How to succeed in Native ad marketing?

Success with Native advertising ultimately comes down to understanding how to communicate with your customers. 

Writing engaging ad copy is a surefire way to see results, as your language will resonate with the pain and pleasure points of the customer. Finding the right way to communicate your offer requires testing. Write multiple pieces of copy to see what causes the most intrigue and conversions with your readers. 

From there you can invest the returns from your efforts to see how pieces perform and continue to optimize through new copy. 95% of your pre-sale advertorials could fail to compete with your highest performing ad, but as soon as you find the 5% that over performs, you’ll find your entire marketing efforts grow in their efficacy over time. 

This is the difference between making money, and printing money.

3 tips to consider when starting Native Advertising 

1. Monetise every click

Whether this is by building your audience or maturing your retargeting pixel, capturing email addresses for drip campaigns, or upfront sales – make sure that every click has value. 

Native marketing is great at building large email lists that can be regularly targeted for a multitude of different offers. You’d be surprised at how many people collect this information in their campaigns and do not email their list, when there are customers ready to buy, and all they need is an email to set them off. 

2. Focus on connecting with your audience

The power of native comes from your ability to connect with your audience. Sell your brand story to the customer through engaging and inviting copy that builds an intrigue in the solution. Make sure that your copy is specific and is not misleading to your customer (don’t set your ad copy to say “leaked celebrity nudes” if your presale page is selling diet supplements). Learn what works and continue to revise your copy to build a deeper connection with the consumer. 

3. Be prepared for the long game. 

Even if your day 1 conversions are not where you want them on Native, the incredibly powerful long term brand awareness will lead to unbelievable uplifts in every other area of your marketing. Allowing your native ads to “fail” on day 1, and then your follow up campaigns show their true potential a couple weeks down the line. 

Unlike on Facebook and Google, you might not find the idea networks, communication method, and demographic targeting for your audience on day 1. However, the sheer volume of traffic you have the ability to drive at such small CPCs can provide seasoned data that prints money down the line. 

We would say that there is more testing and active involvement in refining your Native campaigns from the beginning. And each step forward will lead to more and more profitable results a few weeks down the line. Just keep at it and know that the results are on their way.

About ROI Marketplace

ROI Marketplace is a premier digital advertising agency based out of Buffalo, New York. With a highly experienced team of media buyers driving a client-focused mentality, ROI Marketplace has grown to new heights over the last few years and were awarded the prestigious Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies award in 2020. Providing a holistic approach to your digital marketing from copywriting and content creation, to page design, and finishing off with managing your marketing campaigns and promoting your offers on the native advertising platforms, ROI Marketplace are helping their clients to consistently get exposure to millions of people each month.

Led by CEO Joe Burton, a world-renowned native advertising expert, and public speaker, ROI Marketplace manages over $30,000,000 in advertising spend each year from both small to medium-sized businesses, and large multinational organizations through their innovative and game-changing approach to digital advertising that has long term positive impacts on your entire marketing efforts.



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