Is Native Impossible To Do Honestly?

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By Joe Burton

I pose the question today of is Native Marketing possible to run at scale if you do it honestly?

So what does that really mean?  To start let me preface by saying I have been in this business a long time.  I have seen the rise and fall of many verticals and many niches and the same thing those that run the shadiest or dirtiest ads convert the best and spend the most money.

Whether this was the Acai Berry ads of the late 2000’s with a news site claiming that you could lose massive amounts of weight and Oprah herself took the pill and recommended it; or the Work from home ads from 2012 claiming this work from home mom could make thousands of dollars per month from her computer without any experience, there is really an incentive for affilaites and advertisers to run aggressive and dirty ads.  

It seems there is really a reward to run over the top creatives and pages that mislead the consumer since you are able to convert better, bid higher and spend more on native placements. 

These practices cause issues for the networks as they deal with compliance, regulatory office and the law in general as well as other advertisers who are trying to compete with others who are flat out running dirty or aggressive ads.

So again I pose the question is there a way for an honest advertiser to make money on Native.

The answer is 1000% YES.

Consumers are smart and savy and while you may be able to dupe someone short term on a shaddy offer that sort of short sightedness will not hold for anyone long term.  The real benefit is for those who build an actual brand that consumers can trust and want repeat business.  It’s great to make money short term from a consumer that maybe or maybe not will result in a chargeback, refund or bad review: BUT imagine actually running a legitimate campaign that consumers trust and want to do business with again.

The days of shaddy advertisers are numbered. Networks are getting smarter, consumers are getting smarter and the real money is in building a successful brand that will survive long term. 

The best strategy for this is EXACLTY why ROI Marketplace is in business.  We work with brands to create content that services the needs of their consumers and helps boost their brand long term.  Unique and compelling ad copy and top-notch pages convert just as much if not better than shaddy content and also insures long term viability.

If you create a successful relationship with your consumers you can sell to them today, tomorrow and for the next 10 years.  

With this staregy we are spending millions per month for our clients on Native sources so to answer my own Question YES you can 100% Run Native Ads Honestly and SCALE.



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