How Native Advertising is the Perfect Tool for Amazon FBA Sellers in 2022…

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By Jack Woods

Amazon sellers pay very close attention. I’m about to introduce you to a totally blue ocean strategy to scale your Amazon business to absolute new heights. I’ve spent about a week preparing to write this blog post, and I’m yet to find ANYONE adopting this strategy.

A strategy that will have Amazon PAY YOU to sell your product on a platform that is not yet being touched by Amazon sellers.

In 2021, Amazon updated its A10 algorithm and placed an enormous amount of focus on two specific metrics.

Click Through Rates and Conversions

Best seller rank and organic keyword ranking are no longer traffic focused, but conversion focused.

This is because Amazon cares first and foremost about the customer experience, and if your listing can draw in eyeballs and have a customer purchase, it sends signals to Amazon that your product is the right solution to a customer’s problem.

Amazon DO rank different types of conversions proportionately and knowing this is what separates the amateur sellers from the pros. Here are the three types of conversions they care about.

  1. Organic conversions
  2. PPC conversions
  3. Off-site conversions

Each of these is weighted differently, and the area that we’re going to focus on today is off-site conversions. Because these hold tremendous benefits and are a way to stand out from the crowd in your private label marketing ventures.

So, if you’re an Amazon seller looking to find off-site traffic for your listing, then look no further, as we’re about to drop some GOLDEN NUGGETS of wisdom for you.

In mid 2021, Amazon introduced their Amazon Brand Referral Bonus to brand registered sellers – an average 10% rebate on your referral fees on sales from traffic that YOU drive to your Amazon listing.

If you were to send a customer from Facebook/Instagram, your website, or an advert to your FBA product and they purchase – YOU did all the heavy lifting, and Amazon is now refunding your referral costs because of this.

Taking advantage of the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus is huge for 2 reasons:

  1. Your profit margin will increase by 10%
  2. Amazon places greater weight on off-site conversions than Amazon’s own PPC conversions 

So you will make more money AND gain a higher BSR if you run external traffic to your Amazon listing.

Knowing this, thousands of sellers started running Facebook and Google ads on their products as a new mode of marketing, and are seeing great success with it.

Facebook and Google ads are already pretty saturated and with an onslaught of new Amazon sellers running to drive extra traffic to the platform, your bid prices are only going to rise, potentially to heights far beyond Amazon PPC.

Introducing: Native Advertising

Expose your product to millions of hungry buyers per day at penny-on-the-dollar click costs through Native advertising. Simply run an advert that will appear on MSN, Fox, NBC News, and more in a way that is more subtle and trusted by your readers.

Native advertising has the potential to drive incredible amounts of traffic to your listing each day and raise your sales to new heights.

However, this is a double edged sword.

As we know, Amazon cares more about conversions than traffic, so bringing hundreds or thousands of people to a listing each day and only converting a small percentage will in fact drive you down the BSR rankings.

Please hear this word of warning. Do not directly link to your product.

I repeat: do not directly link to your product.

Instead, run your traffic to a pre-sale page to inform your buyers and weed out the tire kickers.

This is a simple page with about 700 words of copy, selling the benefits of your product to the customer. Increasing their knowledge of the solution to their problem before they click and view the product.

Combined with incredible product photography and benefit-driven bullets, you’re on to a winning combination.

This is a completely new, and blue ocean strategy for Amazon FBA sellers, and it’s likely you have a lot of questions. So here’s a quick breakdown of the main benefits I can think of (right now).

Customers Are More Inquisitive

Your customers may read your pre-sale page, look at your product and then do nothing…

Then, a day later look at your social media page and buy from you. They know your brand name and they’re considered buyers. So your other marketing efforts are then triggered by your initial touchpoint through Taboola or Outbrain.

Or maybe they see a Facebook ad. Because they’ve already seen your product and were interested, they’re then triggered to purchase on seeing a new ad, increasing your backend conversions.

14 Day Sale Attribution

The Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program places a 14 day tracking pixel on your link. Meaning that if someone sees your native ad, clicks your link, and buys ANY of your brand registered products in the next 2 weeks, you will receive the 10% rebate.

This applies to your whole brand – not just the product you’re linking to.

Email Marketing

After sending a customer to a pre-sale page, you can get them to sign up for your newsletter or send them a free lead magnet. You’ve then got an email list to target the reader whenever you want, for free. With your attribution link. And get the 10% rebate.

Amazon Retargeting Emails

Have you ever been scrolling through Amazon and then 2 days later got a reminder email from Amazon to buy those dog training treats or that back scratcher you were checking out?

Well, when a customer views your private label product page, they’re likely to receive these emails too. Meaning that AMAZON is going to help you get the sales on the backend of your native marketing efforts.

Benefit Your Complete Advertising Funnel

As a Native Media buying agency, we’ve seen over a decade of data across hundreds of marketing funnels. Native ads increase the performance of Facebook and Google ads, email marketing, and social media marketing all from that initial touch point. It truly is the strongest way to introduce a cold audience to your product.

More Revenue Than a Shopify Store

Shopify will charge you 3.9% transaction fees + 30c to just process a credit card payment. If you’re then using Multi Channel Fulfillment to send your order with prime shipping, you’re doubling up on your fees.

By using the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program, you’re only paying your normal fulfillment fees AND getting your 10% rebate on referral fees. Meaning Amazon will only take around a 5% referral fee on average. This is only 1.1% more expensive than Shopify credit card transaction fees.

Combined with the higher levels of trust that customers have in Amazon as opposed to a random Shopify brand store – your conversions will skyrocket. Meaning more revenue.

Customers also get access to prime 2 day shipping this way, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Customers will also already have their Amazon accounts set up. This leads to faster sales and less likelihood of abandoning cart.

Full Attribution

Amazon private label sellers using this blue ocean strategy will also get full attribution tracking. You will be able to see which of your marketing efforts are leading to the most conversions, the most add to carts, abandon carts, and conversions.

You can see what is working, and what is not, letting you double down in the right areas.

Supplement Your PPC

This is not a strategy to run in place of Amazon PPC, but as well as. Pair them together and you’re hitting your product sales from multiple angles to supplement your efforts and increase your daily sales.

This could be the difference between 15 sales per day and 30 sales per day. Double the sales = double the profits.

This benefits your BSR, helping to grow your organic sales.

Creating a complete and universal marketing system to exponentially grow your Amazon FBA brand.

Cheaper Than PPC

Did you know that Amazon runs ads on Google?

Give this a try – search for your root keyword on Google and look at the ad placements. The likelihood is that Amazon is going to be listed here.

Amazon is then selling PPC ad space to private label sellers on their site, and take a profit from the ad-arbitrage.

If you run the same Google ads, you can get cheaper clicks than you would with Amazon PPC by cutting out the middleman.

Native advertising clicks can be cheaper than Google and Facebook… meaning it’s substantially cheaper than Amazon PPC.

Next Steps:

The most important thing that you need to take away from this blog post is to get in on the ground floor. As I said, this is a brand new strategy that NO ONE is running, giving you the chance to buy dirt-cheap traffic for your product on a blue ocean platform.

Wait 3 months and you’re going to be amongst a sea of Amazon sellers doing just this.

If you’d like to start running Native advertisements for your Amazon FBA product, click here and speak to our team today for help, advice, and a quick launch.

If you need help writing your pre-sale page, you can click here and speak to our copywriting team with a combined 10+ years of eCommerce copywriting experience to put together a highly engaging and conversion-focused pre-sale page for your product (with a focus on disqualifying the tire kickers and only sending the best customer-ready traffic to your product).

We are here to get your Native ad journey off the ground and send your sales sky high.



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