What to do when your bids stop working…

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By Jack Woods

Has this ever happened to you…

You’re running a highly profitable ad campaign, whether on Native platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, or RevContent. You’re putting $1 and getting $2 out on repeat. Things are looking great and the only way is up. And then…


Your ads stop converting. 

Your spend is consistent, money is leaving your account as normal, but nothing is coming back. Turning these incredible money making media spots into a sink hole. 

Giving you that feeling that you might as well summon your inner Heath Ledger and set fire to a big pile of cash…

Well… we know that this is all too frequent when media buying. The industry is ever changing, new challengers come to the market fighting for your digital real estate, swiping your ads, pre-landers and creatives, and something has to give.

This is probably the biggest challenge in the native marketing space as you need to constantly be adapting. You can’t simply set and forget your campaigns and expect them to continue printing money for the rest of your life.

You need to adjust.

That’s why we’ve decided to take the time and write out our home run strategy to help you get your profits back on track. Simple strategies that you can use today, or keep in your back pocket for the potential rainy day to come.

These Native Advertising strategies can be used across all advertising platforms and are our tried and tested techniques that have worked time and time again for ROI Marketplace.

Step 1 – Create variations and test new ads

Starting off we need to get things back on track. We need to start building up some data to create room for growth. Your first job is to create at least 5 new ads.

These will be variations of your ‘control’ ad, but using different headline variations and different imaging. Build different combinations of your copy and creative. Get them on a steady budget and provide a fair split test across them to see what is really working.

Collect the data, but leave them to run for a MINIMUM of 3-4 days. Do not touch them when they’re live as we need time to collect the information showing what’s going to perform best.

Step 2 – Create variations and test new ads

Hang on… this is step 1 right?

Oh good, you’ve been paying attention! It’s step 2 as well though.

After 3-4 days of data from your 5 new ads, you’ll be able to see what is converting, what’s getting the click etc. Take a look at what is NOT converting (or converting poorly), or has horribly low click through rates and pause these ads.

The campaigns that are doing well can be left to run and collect more data. You’ll need to be diving in each day and keeping a close eye on these. With only 3-4 days of data, the conversions could be an anomaly and close data analysis for the next week is important.

Once you’ve managed the ads from your first batch, you now need to add another 5 ad variations. Write some new copy, find new creatives and get these going again for another 3-4 days.

The aim here is to have 5 new campaigns running all the time, adding 10-15 new ads running each week for around a month. You really want to be removing all ads each week and keeping your top 5 performing and optimized until you’re back on track.

You’re finding the right combination of language and creative that gets clicks and conversions to build your new control ad.

Step 3 – Time to scale

With each week that passes, you’re likely to find that one or two ads are performing very well and will become your ‘control’. They get high clicks through rates, high conversions, and are always one step ahead of the competition.

If you’ve tested maybe 30 or 35 other ad combinations against these over time and nothing has beaten them, then start pushing around 80% of your budget and traffic towards these ads.

This creates real scale potential and can refill your coffers to invest the remaining 20% of your budget into testing new ads to run and try to beat these controls. If you do this, you can turn a $1k weekly spend into $100,000 and beyond.

Step 4 – Taking it one step further

All of this work is predicated on a highly converting landing page, VSL, or offer page. If you’re an affiliate or offer owner with converting content, then you’ll have predictable results.

‘If I send x clicks per day to the page y, I’ll get result z.”

But, if you’re running an advertorial or pre-lander that isn’t proven to work, you may need to continue to test and grow the different steps of the funnel. Start to add new advertorial copywriting into your workflow can help elevate your tests to a new level.

We’ve already found winning ad combinations that get clicks, now it’s time to turn them into a money printing machine. 

Step 5 – Diversify, diversify, diversify

The fact is my friend, that if you’re putting your entire budget into one marketing avenue if you get shut down or your bids stop working…. You’re in trouble. Campaigns that make crazy money per week will disappear overnight.

But if you diversify your marketing efforts across different channels, you’re building a holistic safety net. Not just that, but you can massively increase your profits by doing this.

We’ve shown how you can get your native campaigns back on track with this tried and true strategy, but making sure you have extra channels to lean on is very important too.

We’re finding video to be a great area to look at to compliment your native ad campaigns. TikTok and YouTube have extremely affordable clicks, and video content performs extremely well. 

So much so, that we’ve even opened a video division of ROI Marketplace. Where we can produce high quality, attention grabbing video ads for your products and offers that stops mindless scrolling through cat videos and dance trends and bring a whole new demographic of customers to your door.

If you’re interested in learning more about introducing video into your marketing efforts, either click here or hit the button below to enquire with our video team today.

Special offer for all existing ROI Marketplace customers: Until July 31st 2022, we’re running an offer, where all existing clients can get one video on their choice of platform whether it be TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook for free. Click the button below and contact us today!



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