Feeling the Q3 slowdown? Here’s what you need to do…

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By Jack Woods

We’ve experienced it time and time again. There are specific periods each year when things slow down in the native advertising world.

Depending on your vertical you might find the end/start of the year to be great or awful (for example, ecommerce does great in December, but health/fitness doesn’t. Fitness does great in January, but ecommerce doesn’t). This said, the universal truth seems to be that the summer months are just slow for everyone.

Families are too busy on vacation to pull out their credit cards, or parents are having to juggle work and kids that buying your “keto diet pills” is the LAST thing on their mind. It’s just not a great time of year for spenders. And this hits our wallets. Hard.

So what can you do?

Do you double down and increase your bids – getting more aggressive to win conversions now with a high risk, medium reward strategy?

Or do you use this time to plan and prepare for the biggest time of year?

To us, it seems much smarter to spend the quieter months getting your ducks in a row and preparing your systems for times when you simply WON’T have time to do the ‘general admin’ work.

Way too many businesses will waste the slow months relaxing or taking it slow before big periods… but we think this is the wrong direction. Use this time to build out your core funnels, clean down your mailing list, get follow up sequences written, and dial in your strategy for what’s to come. Here at ROI, we’ve got big goals for the next few months, and for them to work, we NEED to have a clear and defined strategy that is completely understood organization wide.

If you don’t know the exact offers you’re going to be running, or have the landing page planned, split testing, demo targeting and a library of copy and creatives to work from… you’re risking overwhelm at a time when you CANNOT afford to struggle.

Confusion is the killer of success. Clarity is the nectar of the gods.

Make sure that your media buyers, email marketers, affiliate managers, and tech teams all know the plan for a Q4 launch. Have everyone completely informed of where you need to be in 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks etc. And the contingencies you have in place in case things don’t work out how you planned.

This may seem like a generic “business tips 101” blog post… but the importance of honing in on your marketing strategy for the next few weeks is unbelievably true in the paid media world.

We’re in an industry where every click costs us money, and if we lose control of our campaigns because our teams are not completely clear on direction, we could be risking thousands of wasted ad spend…

So you need to work harder to recover lost spend before you can start to profit. A painful position to be in.

Or it can be A LOT worse… you could miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profits from bad media buying strategies. Life changing money is made in Q4 every year. It’s sitting there, ready for you to come in and take it. You just need to know HOW you’re going to do it.

If you are not completely confident in your native advertising strategy for the coming months, then we highly recommend that you book a call with our team. Getting Native advertising wrong can get really costly. But getting is right is like having a money print machine in your home.

It’s often better to work with experts who can dial in your strategies with specific, laser targeted focus and help your campaigns to overperform on your behalf. We’re fully prepared for Q4 2022 with our strategy, and this blueprint is ready to help your business see the impact that a good native advertising strategy can have on your ENTIRE marketing funnel.

All of our initial consultation calls are completely free of charge, and if you decide to work with us – we offer a 30 day guarantee. If we can’t beat your CPAs in the first month, we forego our management fees. No risk, all reward (seems like a damn good strategy for Q4 in a single step, right?)

Just click the button below and book in your call to speak to us.



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