Yahoo Is Back – Time To Make Some Moves!

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Written By Joe Burton | 8/29/23

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years… Yahoo used to be one of the top native platforms on the planet. I have personally spent millions and millions of dollars on Yahoo before they fell apart over the past 5 years.

Back when the operations team was based out of California, we had a great rep and built some incredible targeting tactics (which helped us become a top 3 spender on their platform). We were consistently spending $50-$75K or more each and every day for our clients, all with a great CPA. Our clients were amazed at how consistent and easy it was to scale their Native Ads on the Yahoo Gemini platform.

Then, Yahoo was sold and operations moved to the east coast...

Things were never the same and although we’ve been able to keep spending on the platform through both via Gemini and their DSP, performance was clearly lacking. There were constant changes to the platform, targeting, ad policy, etc. That ultimately made the platform hard to work with.

I was forced to make one of the toughest business decisions to date, and move budgets to other platforms in order to replace the revenue I was losing by not spending on Yahoo Gemini.

It went from being one of my most consistent and top spending platforms to more of an afterthought and something we tested down funnel for our clients.

Now, Yahoo is back!

In case you didn’t hear, Taboola is now managing all of Yahoo’s inventory. Our clients are already getting Yahoo traffic, and it’s converting as good as it did 5 years ago. I am beyond excited to watch this migration and get all of our top spending deals back on there.

This is a massive win for Taboola as well. They already control so much market share and now they take on one of the top converting placements on the planet!

All I have to say is GAME ON.

Anyone who needs help getting back into Yahoo shoot me a message. Would love to help you get things rolling. Don’t miss out on this, 2024 is gonna be fun!



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