Elite Tips for Scaling Native Advertising Campaigns on RevContent to 5 Figures a Day

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Written By Jack Woods | 9/1/23

Media buyers looking to scale native advertising campaigns to high profitability, if you’re not adding RevContent into your strategy… you’re missing out on an incredibly powerful platform. With the right strategy focused on creating excellent content, building relationships and smart scaling, it’s easily possible to take your campaigns to a fresh 5-figure daily spend and revenue.

In this post we’ll cover our pro tips and strategies used by our elite team, that we use each day to maximize our RevContent campaigns.

Craft Killer Content That Resonates

We’ve said it time and time again – the foundation of any successful native advertising campaign is high-quality, engaging content. We saw a huge shift in 2021 where your content became more powerful than your bids.

When creating content for RevContent advertising, you need to make sure that it:

  • Is solution-oriented and focused on addressing the reader’s needs and pain points. While providing valuable information that helps them solve a problem.
  • Is well-researched and demonstrates deep knowledge about the topic. Write as an expert in your field.
  • Has a focus on getting the click. Empathize with readers and avoid overly salesy or robotic language.
  • Is tailored specifically for the target audience. When you market to everyone, you market to noone. Know your audience and write to them.

Your content should pull readers in and make them eager to take the next step. Spend time optimizing headlines, images, and ad copy to boost clickthrough and conversion rates.

Cultivate Strong Relationships

Success in native marketing depends heavily on relationships. Here are tips for building beneficial partnerships:

  • Connect with other successful RevContent media buyers and reps. Ask for their guidance. Most will gladly share insights and help you grow (we’ve got a great community in the Native Ad Guru Facebook group).
  • Attend industry conferences and network aggressively. Look for RevContent reps to get close with.
  • Develop close ties with your RevContent account manager. Treat them well.
  • Partner with talented content creators, like copywriters and designers, to make killer ads (if you need help with this – click here and reach out to the ROI team. We’ve got a full copywriting and design team who can help you to build out your campaigns).

By establishing reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships, you’ll gain access to insider information, valuable resources and bigger opportunities.

Scale Campaigns Strategically

When prepared to expand your campaigns, implement a smart scaling approach:

  • First scale vertically by optimizing existing traffic sources before adding new ones. Reduce low-performing placements.
  • Consider expanding into display, social media and email marketing to diversify beyond native. Retargeting works extremely well too.
  • Focus on Tier 1 geos like the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia which offer massive opportunities.
  • Monitor campaign analytics closely to find the optimal balance between spend and ROI as you scale up.
  • Add new offers gradually and stick to niches where you can deeply understand the audience (as we said before – when you market to everyone you market to nobody!)
  • Work closely with your RevContent rep so they can help you scale successfully.

With consistent testing and optimization, top advertisers can regularly achieve over $100,000 in daily revenue from RevContent. But this is built up strategically over time based on campaign performance.

The Path to 5 Figures

For new RevContent advertisers hoping to reach 5-figure days, the keys are perseverance, stellar content, and methodical scaling. Study successful advertisers AND affiliates, focus on high-value offers, reinvest strategically and optimize relentlessly. Building an expertise in a niche also helps maximize ROI long-term.

RevContent’s immense reach, engaged readership, and ability to target interests is why it’s one of the top platforms for tremendous growth. Combined with the right expertise and effort, any determined advertiser can turn RevContent into a highly profitable channel.

If you’re looking to rapidly scale your RevContent campaigns but don’t have the time or experience – then just know that our RevContent experts are here to help. As an agency, ROI Marketplace spends millions of dollars per month across each network and we have extensive knowledge about RevContent. We do this each and everyday and we know exactly how to maximize results.

By partnering with us, we can take a middling campaign for an excellent offer, and turn it into a high-converting, strategic scaling, and specially tracked cash cow.

Let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on other areas of your business. If you’re ready to bring an elite level performance to your RevContent campaigns, click below to contact ROI Marketplace today. Our team is standing by and ready to help you capitalize on the massive potential of native advertising.



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